Packing Up & Moving Out!

The moment has arrived, ya es la hora. After deciding just 5 weeks ago, I’m off to the Amazon to work for 2 months with a stellar group of like-minded researchers and environmentalists for a cause I have dedicated my entire life to: preservation of the planet and development of better ways to build. 

As excited as I am, I have one last hurdle…packing.

So here I stand, hours away from boarding; brow furrowed in concentration, biting my nails in contemplation as I mentally calculate every last inch of space available in my meager duffle bag and trusty backpack.  How’s this ‘gonna work? 

My supplies and clothes are a walk down memory lane in many ways; my tried-and-true professional-grade hiking pants that have seen at least a dozen different climbs on Washington State trails, my amazingly tough REI fleece that I’ve worn at minimum twice a day since receiving it as a birthday gift at 23, and an odd mix of t-shirts and linen tunics procured from Goodwill.  In contrast, I have also equipped myself with the latest in outdoor technology; new-fangled gadgetry such as a solar-powered battery charger, headlamp and satellite locator.  Toss in an array of random-but-acutely-necessary tools, first-aid supplies and gifts for the locals and you arrive at my state of puzzlement; how is this all going to fit?  A real-life Rubik’s cube, I have to figure this out and quick.

I am no stranger to packing – I proudly packed my entire Shanghai life into 7 medium boxes and a suitcase when I repatriated to the US and have racked up thousands of travel miles since first exploring the planet when I was 22.  An explorer at heart, I regularly move from place to place trying on cities like new clothes (much to my family’s unease), but true to my personal conviction; I don’t think you really understand or appreciate a place until you’ve lived there.

To that end, I have had the good fortune to be a part of some of the greatest cities in the world; Seattle, Siena, London, NYC, Shanghai, SF and pond-jumped to and from hundreds of cities spanning over 33 countries en route.  And it isn’t lost on me that as of tomorrow, with the addition of South America, I will have visited 5 of 7 continents.  Australia is next.  Antarctica is a bit lower on the priority list…for now.

But I digress, back to packing.  As mentioned, I am no stranger to packing and am typically adept at it, but going to a place such as Las Piedras, a location so remote and off-grid does give me pause.  This is packing and preparation of an entirely different caliber so wish me luck in solving this puzzle in time for wheels up!

And to all those that helped contribute to my list of necessary supplies and GoFundMe plea; muchas gracias!  Because of your generosity and thoughtfulness, I am able to adventure on.

Adios mis amigos, hasta la proxima vez y blog!