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Having robust, hands-on experience with the Living Building Challenge, RESET, LEEDv4, and WELL, A Greener Space is equal equal parts efficiency, accuracy and ingenuity. When it comes to achieving your sustainable building goals A Greener Space is ready for the charge.

“Anjanette is outstanding for her creativity, her tenacity and her ability to understand the key technical attributes of materials and products.
She understands how these attributes fit into the building ecosystem of certifications, procurement specifications and into the big picture of sustainability.  She does this while also being helpful, patient and an excellent communicator.”
— Lauren Heine, Ph.D., Executive Director, Northwest Green Chemistry, Founder GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals


  •  Living Future Accredited (LFA)
  • Living Product Assessor (LPA)
  • RESET ASP & Senior Fellow
  • LEED AP ID+C with Specialty & Badge
  • Third-party Declare Verifier
  • Member USGBC Working Group
  • Mindful Materials (mM) Content Working Group
  • Mindful Materials (mM) Portal Working Group
  • First LBC Ambassador in China
  • LBC Collaborative Member
  • LPC Ecosystem Member
  • Volunteer Team Member ARC Amazon

Building certification Achievements

Living Building Challenge™

Widely regarded as the worlds most rigorous building certification program, the LBC uses the metaphor of a flower to describe its philosophy; buildings should work and function like living things, should be designed to be regenerative, not just sustainable.

It was a privilege to work on the first Full Living Building in China, and the first Petal Certified project in that country...and they were done simultaneously! Wondering if your team can take on the LBC?  With A Greener Space you have one of the few LFAs (Living Future Accredited) experts with the know-how and expertise to get you there.


As co-author of RESET, the world's first and only certification program focused solely on Indoor Air Quality, I have a keen interest in the health and well-being of building occupants and a passion for investigating VOCs emitted from building materials. 

I was proud to work on the first fully certified RESET project in the world and am excited to see the alignment with IWBI.  Tracking and communicating the health performance of buildings in real time, is the industry's hottest and most useful trend.


“Creating a bridge between RESET and WELL as it relates to achieving improved indoor environmental quality will enable RESET certified participants to more easily incorporate WELL certification into their buildings”
— Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman and CEO of IWBI
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