product certifications  

Manufactures and Suppliers have been bombarded with certifications, declarations and labels for over a decade.  Determining which one to pursue can be a formidable task without proper council.

Health Product Declaration (HPDs), Environmental Declarations (EPDs), Cradle to Cradle Certification (C2C), C2C Material Health Certification, Declare, Living Product Certification, ANSI/BIFMA Level, Greenscreen and Facts are merely a few.  Why try to navigate these on your own when you have a versed professional in A Greener Space to help you?




A Greener Space has consulted manufacturers the world over for their Declare labels and has successfully submitted more than a dozen labels since the program's inception in multiple languages including Mandarin and Japanese.  A Greener Space is one of only three approved third-party assessors qualified by the ILFI for Declare verification.  


A Greener Space has reviewed and submitted HPDs on behalf of manufacturers since the program launched its first version at Greenbuild in 2011 in both English and Mandarin.  Additionally, our team was part of the pilot review for the current version 2.0.


A Greener Space has deep understanding and experience with the EPD process, including management of international teams.  A Greener Space authored two EPDs for one of the world's largest manufacturers of resilient flooring and was one of the first EPDs in China to use regionalized data in its LCA.


A Greener Space has also advised on the development of two globally-recognized Product Category Rules (PCRs), the first component and building block of the EPD process.

C2C Certification™ and C2C Material Health Certificate™

C2C certification is a means for manufacturers to communicate their work towards chemically-optimized products and to demonstrate ongoing improvements.  A Greener Space can help educate and direct your team towards your C2C goals, lending critical advise as to your product's viability as a contender for the C2C program.

Living Product Challenge™

The Living Product Challenge is to products what the Living Building Challenge is to buildings; a framework for manufacturers to create products that are healthy, inspirational and give back to the environment.  Manufacturers are using the concept of "hand printing" instead of foot printing to evaluate their products and create a positive impact.

A Greener Space is proud to be a part of the LPC Ecosystem and approved LPC Assessor by the ILFI.


“Navigating the sustainable accreditation field as a bio-materials manufacturer can be difficult without a guide like Anjanette.
Her in-depth working knowledge of this rapidly growing field is second to none, which is apparent through her passion for improving the built world on a material level. 
Anjanette has and continues to be an influential consultant, communicator, and champion of our material.”
— Jeff Betts, Design and Development Lead, Ecovative
“Anjanette is one of the hardest and most passionate leaders I know in the materials world, and has a unique vantage point in the global transparency movement through her work both in China and the US. 

She is one of a select group of individuals the Institute works with to streamline delivery of Declare labels and we are thrilled to be partnering with her.”
— James Connelly LFA, LEED AP, Director Living Product Challenge, International Living Future Institute

highlights & Achievements

  • 12,000 metric tons of  DINP removed 
  • identified and removed Sodium Polynapthalenesulfonate
  • removal of Polycarbonate
  • removal of Neoprene
  • removal of 7' feet of PVC tubing from every Biome module
  • replaced lead fittings with stainless steel
  • removal of TGIC (Triglycide Isocyanurate) from powder coatings
  • introduced the world's first LSZH and PVC-free appliance power cord
  • managed R&D for worlds first LBC red list free ACT
  • replaced Urea and Phenol Formaldehyde from bamboo composite