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Whether it be to large audiences or small, an opportunity to speak with your team is always welcome.

“If you knew that every breath you took could save hundreds of lives had you walked down a path of knowledge, wouldn’t you run down that path as fast as you could?”
— Paul Stamets

Knowledge Sessions & Presentations

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Lectures & Presentations

2017 NRDC SF, IFMA Panel hosted by Humanscale, “Introduction to the Living Building Challenge”

2017 LBC International Project Team Meeting, “Expert Input on IAQ Methods and Progressive Trends”

2017 ILFI Living Future Conference & Expo, Featured Panel, Moderator, “Experts in Indoor Air Quality”

2017 USGBC, San Francisco, “Materials Deep Dive; Part II Series Understanding LEEDv4”

2017 AIA San Francisco, Continuing Education Series, “Materials Revolution”

2016 USGBC IAQ Working Group, “A Comparative Analysis of Compulsory and Elective Indoor Air Quality Assessment Protocols as Defined in Four Certifications Standards”

2016 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo LA, Featured Panel, Moderator, “Materials: Positive Disruptors”

2016 IFMA Chapter, Guest Panelist, “Transform Your Facility with Green Building Materials”

2016 Webinar Partnership Between ILFI and Building Green “Inspiration Into Action: Transforming the Materials Market”

2016 Living Product Expo, Pittsburgh, Featured Session Moderator, “Living Materials: The New Definition for the Material World”

2016 Living Product Expo, Pittsburgh, Materials Summit Workshop, Guest Presenter

2016 Living Product Expo, EMCEE “Game Changer”

2015 San Francisco, “Understanding WELL in the Workplace”

2015 San Francisco, AIA SF CES Series “Introduction to RESET”

2015 Living Product Expo, Featured Session Panelist, “Life Cycle Analysis and Living Products”

2015 Living Product Expo, EMCEE “Game Changer”

2015 LBC webinar series, Materials Petal “Tips and Tricks”

2015 Shanghai, China Keynote Speaker, Glumac, “Ribbon Cutting Celebration”

2015 Living Future Expo, Featured Session Panelist

2014, Shanghai, China, CoreNet, featured lecturer and guest panelist, MCR, “Sustainable


2014 Guest Speaker VoxFlor EcoDesign Quarterly, Shanghai, China

2014, Shanghai, China, Eco Design Fair, featured lecturer, “EDF Talk Series” 生态设计展演讲: 制造清洁空气”

2013 ­Shanghai, China, 2O2O Vision AIA Lecture Series, Moderator, “Energy of Design”.