Being Greener in the Western Sahara

Being Greener in the Western Sahara


Being Greener

It has taken me years to be bolder and I am still learning how to be brave, but I was born Green and want to use the knowledge I've collected through years of research, perseverance and hard work to contribute to a greater cause.

“It takes courage not to be discouraged”
— Ben Ferencz
Mirador, Las PIedras, Peru

Mirador, Las PIedras, Peru

I have an unwavering belief that I am here to help make a difference; to be a disruptor of "business as usual" and quiet the naysayers.  This is not rhetoric, but conviction.  I have never been one to do anything half-way and certainly not one to take the easy path.  I don't cut corners or shirk responsibility.  In fact, I thrive on digging into the guts of a problem to fully comprehend it, dissect it and devise a plan to resolve it.  

“If I die trying, but am inadequate to the task to make a course change for the evolution of this planet,
the fact is I tried.
How many people are not trying?”
— Paul Stamets

Today, there are a host of sustainability requirements that are onerous, complex, even contradictory.  As a trained Interior Architect and Materials Analyst, I understand how daunting these new requirements can seem.  I created A Greener Space to help clear the confusion so that we can move forward and start making meaningful change.


Client Experience

Ask any of my clients; I am a bulldog when it comes to helping you and your team fully grasp the opportunities afforded to you in a veritable landmine of declarations and certifications.  

I make it my business to become your advocate and champion to discover where you are unique and highlight what you are already doing well.  Whether you are a design team eager to pursue LEEDv4 Certification for a large commercial project or small startup seeking coveted Living Product Challenge Certification, A Greener Space has the experience and tenacity to take you across the finish line. 

Because of my background and global experience with A+D teams and manufacturers alike, I relate to both sides of the sustainability equation.  I have advised as many manufacturers on how to vet and reformulate their products as I have consulted A+D teams on how to achieve building certifications.   With this, I come armed with equal parts efficiency, accuracy and ingenuity. 

Let's not merely meet goals; let's shatter them!

“Anjanette was instrumental in helping us make sense of the certifications and labels that we were struggling with as a manufacturer.  
She was not only able to explain the various options in a clear way, but she put together a plan of action that was attainable and tailored specifically for our product.  
Her familiarity with the technical aspects of product design and manufacturing paired with her background in architecture gives her a truly unique perspective indispensable to our success.
Her passion about improving a product’s sustainability while understanding the challenges a manufacturer faces is refreshing to see.

We were truly fortunate to have met her at the right time.”
— John Wu, President and CEO, Novalis Innovative Flooring

Credentials & Memberships

  • Living Future Accredited (LFA)
  • Living Product Assessor (LPA)
  • RESET ASP & Senior Fellow
  • LEED AP ID+C with Specialty & Badge
  • Third-party Declare Verifier
  • Member USGBC Working Group
  • Mindful Materials (mM) Content Working Group
  • Mindful Materials (mM) Portal Working Group
  • First LBC Ambassador in China
  • LBC Collaborative Member
  • LPC Ecosystem Member
  • Volunteer Team Member ARC Amazon
Bedouin family house, Morocco

Bedouin family house, Morocco

Rio de Las Piedras, LPAC Concession

Rio de Las Piedras, LPAC Concession