Promises, promises

I have a lot of explaining to do.

I admit it, I promised, with the sincerest of intentions, that I would keep all of you apprised of my Peruvian adventures via my blog.  Before jumping on my Avianca flight south two months ago, I vowed that my blog was going to be THE source for everything A Greener Space, adventures abroad and more.

And it was an obvious fail---radio silence for weeks my friends and I do apologize.  However, in my defense, I did indeed try to blog from the remote locals I found myself in.  Picture for a minute, me typing furiously on the tiny keypad of my iPhone in a dusty bar in Puerto, a giant metal fan blowing hot air full blast on my dirty self, keeping the black flies at bay.  For a full two hours I labored over that first blog entry, delighted at having a wifi connection again, only to have my painstakingly-typed narrative deleted at the last click of a submit button.  Ahhhnooo!  The bane and terror of authors everywhere—the disappearance of unsaved script.  Poof.  Cry.

So, I learned a hard lesson.  Don’t try to blog in the jungle.  Or if you do, bring a laptop and save, save, save again.

However, with the au courant concept of instantaneous (or even semi-weekly) blogging behind me, I was afforded the opportunity to go “old school”.  And so, every entry heretofore, is copied from my hand-written notebook, composed while deep in the wilds of the Peruvian jungle, where I had time, I had space and I had the ultimate connection to all things primal.  Don’t misunderstand my point here; I don’t want to wax on romantically about the jungle; its a vicious, cruel, unforgiving, dangerous place make no mistake.  But sitting cross-legged on a simple wooden bunkbed with only a notebook and a pen in the middle of the wildest place on earth, does allow the human mind to work in some pretty amazing ways.

I hope the following “post-dated-posts” live up to the long wait.

Disfruta y gracias!

Las Piedras, Peru

Las Piedras, Peru