The Amazon calls and I must go.

This is my next test and adventure.  To put into practice what I have been preaching for nearly 15 years; to build sustainable structures, using regional materials free of chemicals of concern and tap into the wisdom of local craftsmanship and ingenuity of biomimetic design.

Yep, I am heading to the Amazon, the Peruvian Amazon to be precise, to a small corner in the jungle called Las Piedras.  Las Piedras is one of the last places on Earth unadulterated by humans and is host to one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Scarlet Macaws, photo credit Ian Markham

Scarlet Macaws, photo credit Ian Markham

But, like so many delicate forests, reefs and parcels of land that have made it thus far without being destroyed by rampant illegal deforestation or effects from global warming, Las Piedras and the Amazon as a whole are in a precarious position.  Sway but a little and the future of these amazing jungles and habitats to animals, plants and indigenous people is threatened to collapse.

So, I am going to the Amazon to be proactive and do what it is I have been training to do. And hopefully inspire a few followers.

Please read more about ARC Amazon and Las Piedras by clicking here.

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And thank you all for your support!