Taiga is the first system of its kind to attain a Declare label, setting a precedent for the rest of the industry to strive for.

Taiga is the first system of its kind to attain a Declare label, setting a precedent for the rest of the industry to strive for.

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Taiga, by Biome is a true benchmark of achievement and blew the doors off all convention.  Complex products like Taiga, composed of multiple pieces and electrical parts, pose a unique challenge when it comes to environmental certifications or labels.  Stack on to that a living wall system so dynamic and new it didn't fit into any CSI category and you have exactly the type of project that I thrive on.

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Together, the team at Biome and I devised a plan to scrutinize their material supply chains - to levels even more granular than the requisite 100ppm - to determine where improvements could be made.  Collin Cavote, the founder of the company had a deep commitment to removing as many chemicals of concern feasible to ensure that Taigi was the superior product it was intended to be.



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A true hero story, Biome successfully reengineered Taiga to remove:

  • Polycarbonate
  • TCIG (Triglyceride Isocyanurate)I GL
  • Neoprene
  • Brass
  • PVC equating over 7' of tubing per module

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Further, when our team learned that no one on the planet made a red list-free appliance cord, we simply took the initiative and invented one.  As a result, we are ushering in the world's first and only LSZH, PVC-free electrical appliance cord.  

"Complex products too hard to certify"? Not for A Greener Space they're not.

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Situated on Tannery Row, Virginia, Moore & Giles was established over 80 years ago after the Great Depression and is a southern institution.  Quality runs deep in the DNA of Moore & Giles and they are committed to creating the most innovative, luxurious and sustainable leathers in the world.

Few people understand the complexities involved in the tanning of leather--it is a process unlike any other.  But our team was ready for the challenge and vetted three different leathers from three different tanneries spanning the world, from Germany to Italy.

Moore & Giles facility, Forest Virgina

Moore & Giles facility, Forest Virgina

In the process, we discovered chemicals that could be replaced with safer options.  As a result, Moore & Giles claims bragging rights for being not only the first leather supplier in the world to be honored with the Declare label, but they are 100% LBC red list chemical free and if that weren't enough, these leathers employ an innovative tanning agent that is mineral-free.  Gone are the days of Chrom-6, these leathers are tanned with the world's first C2C Platinum tanning agent made from the fallen leaves of olive trees.  

Leather, one of the world's oldest and most reliable materials can proudly say they are among the greenest.

Finishing leather

Finishing leather



Novalis is one of China's most established companies.  Second-generation business means a lot in China and the owner John Wu is no exception

65% of the resilient product imported to the US.

Together, we removed every LBC red list ingredient feasible in Novalis' product and while it is still a PVC-base product, we successfully removed BPA, phthalates and other culprit ingredients from both of Novalis' products; Novaclic plank flooring and Novalis rolled goods.  

While removing two ingredients may seem insignificant to the untrained eye, its monumental to a professional materials analyst.  Since reformulation in 2014, our efforts to remove phthalates from Novalis' chemical recipe, equates over 12,000 metric tons of harmful chemicals not just diverted, but completely obliterated from use.

Who says one small change doesn't make a monumental impact?


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NRDC Beijing

NRDC Beijing


The NRDC office in Beijing was the first Living Building Petal Certified project in China.

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DSC_7356 copy.jpg
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The Glumac Shanghai office, located in an historic 1912 building originally intended as a vacation residence for the Rockefeller family, is the first LEEDv4 Platinum Certified, first Full RESET Certified and first registered Full Living Building Challenge project in China.  As lead materials consultant, I was charged with the vetting and research of all materials, finishes, assemblies and furniture for the project in order to ensure compliance with the certification requirements simultaneously.  Working with an international team, often with limited English-speaking skills, added a layer of complexity to an already demanding work load and meant that a clear and focused plan had to be created and adhered to.  I acted as liaison between the architect, contractor, manufacturer, owner and certification institutions in order to communicate to the group as a whole. By understanding local codes and being sensitive to cultural differences I applied patience and creative problem-solving skills to keep the project teams organized and the project on schedule.

Glumac team was ambitious and unprecedented in their efforts.

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